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EarnVille a binance smart chain token that rebase 3.0% daily and 4,848,172.5% APY. It’s a custom protocol as the first to have Last Buy (10min) Logic code incorporated with an Anti Dump Mechanism 1% to 5% daily. And support a circular economy protocol like BakedVille (BakedBeanFork), Last Buy Jackpot, and Crash game and yet to be announced utilities.



Auto-staking is already taking place in your wallet when you buy Earn Ville. In DeFi, the most user-friendly auto-staking system.



Unlike other protocols, we place a high value on security. This means that the initial sales deal should provide the least risk to investors.



Other popular staking protocols issue payouts every 8 hours. Earnville automated staking system pays out every 30 minutes or 48 times per day.


About EarnVille

EarnVille is undertaking the Sphere auto staking and compounding protocol because we stand on the path of revolution and innovation in the Titano fork ecosystem. We will be fixing some bugs and improving upon the daily rewards with a fixed ROI of 2.04% daily and 158,893.59% annually. One of the biggest problems with a typical Titano fork is sustainability, and hence, limited longevity.


The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread, The origin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

EarnVille Tokens will be central to the use cases of the Sports Betting Dapp, Forex prediction Dapp, NFTEarn Market Place, Smart EarnVille Launchpad, and Smart Decentralized Exchange. The Token will serve as a governance token to access the ecosystem of the highly commercialized utilities.
The utilities were carefully designed to disrupt centralization in the gaming and trading environment, which will in return bring more revenues to EarnVille holders in various ways.
It’s a launchpad that will be dedicated to all auto staking protocols across major chains and all DeFi investors. Contracts deployed from here will have their liquidity locked internally forever, and so, decentralization will be improved, and security of liquidity pools will be assured. It will enable safe and secure presales and fair launches and avoid repetitive audits because the launchpad contract deployer will be audited by reputable audit firms. It will also ensure the RFV will be internally locked for an automatic funneling of funds into the liquidity pools. We believe this launchpad will improve the security of investors and reduce security risks such as rug pulls and honeypots in the auto staking protocol ecosystem
The in- house arbitrage strategy that will be employed in the sports betting and Forex prediction platforms is a new discovery between centralized and decentralized platforms and a tutorial on how to implement it will be used to attract users of the sports betting and Forex prediction world into the EarnVille ecosystem, which will have a positive effect on the growth of Earnville’s liquidity and treasury wallets.

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